Here Is The Short Excerpt From The Story That I Promised You…

OK, here it is…Jake and I are standing under the street lamp with Milo. Chris is inside the house playing video games. How are you doing? I’ve been thinking about you a lot.” he said.He’d been thinking about me a lot. “Oh, I’m fine. My head bump was no big deal. It is pretty muchContinue reading “Here Is The Short Excerpt From The Story That I Promised You…”

What Happened Next (Going Inside) – By: Odette

I think I left off where I was crouching in the grass on the side of the road and holding my forehead. I remember I looked up towards my house, thinking I should just get home and get Chris to help me. But when I faltered as I stood up, Jake grabbed my arm. HeContinue reading “What Happened Next (Going Inside) – By: Odette”

The Distraction Is Saving Me – by: Odette

It is Saturday morning, about 5am. I couldn’t sleep at all. I’ve literally been awake all night…so now I’ve given up trying. I really have nobody to tell, and if I get it all out through writing this, then maybe I’ll be able to rest. I cheated on my husband 2 days ago and I’m stillContinue reading “The Distraction Is Saving Me – by: Odette”