by, Odette: Perhaps There Is A God

I was getting a little tired of the angry lyrics and growling over heavy thudding beats and walked breathlessly from the dance floor to slide onto a silver bar stool, making sure I wasn't anywhere near the awful vampire girl. My friend came and sat on the stool next to me. "Are you having fun?" … Continue reading by, Odette: Perhaps There Is A God

By, Odette: Dancing

She drove a tiny little black Jetta down Second Ave, taking the traffic circles like they were a spinning ride at Disney World, and I looked down happily at her blue dress that she let me wear. I smoothed the fabric on my legs. "Where are we going?" "Well, there is a new club that my … Continue reading By, Odette: Dancing

by Odette: What could be better?

The door flew open and I met eyes with the girl who lived here. She gasped and backed up. "No, no, wait, wait!" I shouted at her. She stumbled backwards some more and started to open her porch screen door as I hurried out with explanations tumbling out of my mouth as fast as I … Continue reading by Odette: What could be better?

Blue Dress

As I folded the last of her laundry in a neat pile in a hamper next to the couch, I held up a powder blue dress with a zipper up the front. I dangled it in front my chest at looked down at it. Gosh, Kat's style had improved, and she must have lost a … Continue reading Blue Dress


When I got there it was late and Kat wasn't answering her texts or her phone. So I drove to her house and parked illegally on her street then made my way through her screened-in front porch to knock on her front door. There was a note attached to it so I immediately, thinking it … Continue reading Arriving

Running Down the Road – by: Odette

It should have only taken 2 hours to get to Gainesville, but when I got out on to the open 2-lane road, I discovered the VW Bus didn't like to go over 50mph.  I felt a little like the Pied Piper, playing my music while being the accidental leader of a sorrowful trail of cars, … Continue reading Running Down the Road – by: Odette

Not Running Away – by: Odette

I drove the van to where Jake and I sat a few months earlier, where we ate our fast food and talked for hours looking at the ocean. There had to be a way to enjoy things now, with all its perfection, if not for myself, then at least for the people I loved. Perhaps … Continue reading Not Running Away – by: Odette

Chris blew in the front door breathlessly and slammed it shut behind him. He threw his arms in the air, "It's official! We close on the house on Tuesday!" I looked up from scraping carrots and put the peeler down. "That is in, like, 3 days." "I KNOW! FINALLY!" "Oh my gosh" I said. "Wow." … Continue reading

Worth Something? – by: Odette

I took my hands away from my face and looked up to see Chris peering over me. "What's up?" "I totally blew it," I said. "Why do you even let me out in public?" He looked confused, but amused. "What happened?" "I just can't seem to act like a normal human being. I can't help … Continue reading Worth Something? – by: Odette