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my help is like dust on her sheets a breeze when she sleeps effort drips from hidden cracks above into 2 silver buckets that I carry and slosh around with hope I blow kisses that never land, and blink but stay foggy our love lightly dances around us through the days and the knowledge-induced haze… Continue reading Autism

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I pulled Zoe's soft little curls into pigtails and tied blue ribbons into perfect bows around each elastic. I turned her around and looked in her big brown eyes, she gazed off somewhere else. I had been paranoid about her being hurt when she was in the car with Chris when his "foot slipped" and… Continue reading Reflection

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By, Jake

I'm actually almost feeling sorry for that guy. I've always thought, if he can't satisfy his wife, then fuck him, I'll do it for him. But after he came over today, for a few minutes I actually felt like maybe what I was doing wasn't such a good idea. He just opened my door on… Continue reading By, Jake

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All I Ever Wanted Was Odette – By Chris

Odette is screwing the kid down the street, Zoe has autism and I am getting gray-fuckin hairs. I do not actually know for sure that she is screwing him, but I know she wants to. We had not made love for months and then, one night, she suddenly leads me to the bedroom. I could… Continue reading All I Ever Wanted Was Odette – By Chris


“Seatbelt Chair”

When I picked Zoe up a little early from preschool yesterday she was crying. I asked her what was wrong as we walked out to the school hallway and she said, "chair seatbelt." "Chair seatbelt?" "Chair seatbelt." I turned us around and we walked back to her classroom. I was holding her wrist, (she doesn't… Continue reading “Seatbelt Chair”

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The Sunny Side of the Street

Amazing looks like a famous singer (shhhh) is going to cover Chris's hit song from the good ol' days when his band was super popular. The gears are in motion...his band is already talking about getting back together for some reunion shows around San Fran and Marin. We pretty much will always live off… Continue reading The Sunny Side of the Street

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Bad Morning

"Did you read about Kristen Stewart and that director?" I said as we headed to the kitchen. "Who is Kristen Steward?" he said. "Oh come on, Twilight?" "Is she that vampire actress? One of the many?" "Did you read about how she cheated on her boyfriend with a married director?" "I don't keep up with… Continue reading Bad Morning