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Bike Ride

We glided through the busy old stone streets on our bikes and I stopped short in front of the candy shop. Chris stopped next to me and smiled at what I was staring at. It was the biggest, reddest chocolate covered strawberry ever. "Let's get that," he said. "OK". We locked the bikes together and… Continue reading Bike Ride

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Advice From Evan – by: Odette

I heard someone trying to get in the front door but the chain was on. I figured it was probably Chris, thinking he could come over for breakfast after hanging out with me last night and I hurried out there with my flannel PJ pants, big baggy white T- shirt and my glasses on with… Continue reading Advice From Evan – by: Odette

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Sorry – by: Odette

We were having bonfires on the beach every night. Luna was tutoring an English major who was attending Flagler College and in return for Luna's help she studied in Zoe's rooms in the evening by a small book light as Zoe slept, so I could go out and mingle without having to take a monitor… Continue reading Sorry – by: Odette

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Chris Comes Home – by: Odette

 I climbed out of bed wearing my new PJ's, pulled on my fluffy robe and slipped the baby monitor into the gaping pocket. I opened the sliding glass doors to step out onto my little patio and sat on the yellow canvas deck chair, pulled my knees into my chest and wrapped my arms around… Continue reading Chris Comes Home – by: Odette

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Back to The Beach – by: Odette

Magic things happen at the beach. First when we pulled up to Luna's after 8 long hours of driving, and parked out on the sandy street, I noticed a new trampoline in the side-yard of her house. Zoe was yelling "drink, drink" but when I unbuckled her, pulled her out of her seat then pointed… Continue reading Back to The Beach – by: Odette

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Stealing Yellow Sweaters – by: Odette

The best way to not think about Chris was just to get some work done. I sat cross-legged on my bed and opened up my laptop then clicked the link to have a look at the clothes and shoes I was supposed to describe. My phone rang. I looked at the number. It was Dave.… Continue reading Stealing Yellow Sweaters – by: Odette

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Scrambling – by: Jake

I crouched shivering in the ceramic bathtub in my boxers with my phone pressed against my ear. How perfect that  the only person that could help me right now probably wanted me dead anyway. I was a little surprised when he answered Odette's phone but I didn't have time to waste by asking questions. "Chris,"… Continue reading Scrambling – by: Jake