Back to The Beach – by: Odette

Magic things happen at the beach. First when we pulled up to Luna’s after 8 long hours of driving, and parked out on the sandy street, I noticed a new trampoline in the side-yard of her house. Zoe was yelling “drink, drink” but when I unbuckled her, pulled her out of her seat then pointedContinue reading “Back to The Beach – by: Odette”

Stealing Yellow Sweaters – by: Odette

The best way to not think about Chris was just to get some work done. I sat cross-legged on my bed and opened up my laptop then clicked the link to have a look at the clothes and shoes I was supposed to describe. My phone rang. I looked at the number. It was Dave.Continue reading “Stealing Yellow Sweaters – by: Odette”

Scrambling – by: Jake

I crouched shivering in the ceramic bathtub in my boxers with my phone pressed against my ear. How perfect that¬† the only person that could help me right now probably wanted me dead anyway. I was a little surprised when he answered Odette’s phone but I didn’t have time to waste by asking questions. “Chris,”Continue reading “Scrambling – by: Jake”

Guns, Guts and Glory – by: Jake

Rissa’s dad squeezed in past the door, shut us both in the bathroom and offered me a seat with a smile, pointing to the toilet. I put the lid down and sat on it with my hands between my knees. I was literally shaking. He made himself comfortable on the edge of the bathtub, pushingContinue reading “Guns, Guts and Glory – by: Jake”

St. Augustine Beach Party – by: Odette

Chris was actually waiting right there for me in the hallway. I looked up at him, surprised that he was standing outside my bedroom door. I couldn’t help but smile. He hadn’t shaved in a few days and his hair was a little longer and scraggly-looking. But he was smiling back, almost glowing and IContinue reading “St. Augustine Beach Party – by: Odette”

Glittering Wedges and Why – by: Odette

After putting away a few of Zoe’s blocks I just went in my room, lay down in my bed and fell asleep, screw responsibility. I woke up hearing my bedroom door banging open. My sheets were pulled off my head and I looked up to see Luna peering down at me with knitted eyebrows. “IContinue reading “Glittering Wedges and Why – by: Odette”