Paparazzi Prom Queen Plan – by: Chris

“Uhm, are you listening? You seem so far away”. Disney was talking to me and I had no idea what she was saying. I honestly didn’t care but I did agree to this date and she was really sweet so for the rest of dinner I feigned interest all the while plotting my revenge onContinue reading “Paparazzi Prom Queen Plan – by: Chris”

Making It Up – by: Chris

“Luke tells me that now I have to make it up to him. He is making me go out to dinner with some little starlit that needs to shake up her Disney clean image a little.” I felt triumphant leaving Jake stranded on the curb as I left the hospital with my band-mates. I knewContinue reading “Making It Up – by: Chris”

You’re Not The Only One – by: Chris

The guys went wild when they found out that Luna lived right on the beach. Even Dave cracked a rare smile when it registered that we would be surfing tomorrow morning. I had forgotten how pretty the beach is at night and how peaceful Luna’s place looked from a distance. I knew once we gotContinue reading “You’re Not The Only One – by: Chris”

Self Control – by: Chris

  “Last night I met a girl with huge green eyes and a crooked tooth that I couldn’t stop staring at. Dave noticed her first and asked me to play wing-man but he quickly lost interest when he met her friend.” —————————————————————————– My friends Jim and Linda are giving away their old cat and getting aContinue reading “Self Control – by: Chris”