Sorry – by: Odette

We were having bonfires on the beach every night. Luna was tutoring an English major who was attending Flagler College and in return for Luna's help she studied in Zoe's rooms in the evening by a small book light as Zoe slept, so I could go out and mingle without having to take a monitor … Continue reading Sorry – by: Odette

Purgatory – by: Chris

As soon as I saw the communal swimming pool with adjoining hot tub I knew immediately that I was in purgatory. It was not a place to live, but rather a place where one goes to wait for real life to begin. A temporary oasis where manicured hedges and stainless steel appliances offer a repose … Continue reading Purgatory – by: Chris

Luna Comes Home – by: Odette

Evan helped to bring Luna's bags into the living room, setting each one down with a thud next to the front door. He looked up at me from the suitcases and before he could even stand up I was throwing myself at him for a long hug that he eventually pulled away from. I could … Continue reading Luna Comes Home – by: Odette

Thursday Afternoon – by: Odette

I watched Zoe lining up her dolls on the large rug in the living room. I could feel myself slipping away again and once again, I didn't understand why...what triggered it, why I could handle some difficult situations, then when there was some normalcy around, I just lost it again. I needed Luna here to … Continue reading Thursday Afternoon – by: Odette

Coming Soon…

UB readers!! (and anyone else who happens to stumble upon this) We are taking some time to write the ending before posting it. We are totally excited about what is coming. Check back in 4 weeks or be sure to subscribe so the final posts show up in your mailbox or feed...soon. Keep a look … Continue reading Coming Soon…