That Waiting Room Conversation – by: Jake

“Don’t think that we are friends now” Chris said. “Dragging me into and out of life-threatening situations doesn’t change what you have done to my family. I know all this stuff is a joke to you, but I’m pretty seriously affected by what you have done with Odette. So is my daughter.” I thought toContinue reading “That Waiting Room Conversation – by: Jake”

St. Augustine Beach Party – by: Odette

Chris was actually waiting right there for me in the hallway. I looked up at him, surprised that he was standing outside my bedroom door. I couldn’t help but smile. He hadn’t shaved in a few days and his hair was a little longer and scraggly-looking. But he was smiling back, almost glowing and IContinue reading “St. Augustine Beach Party – by: Odette”

You’re Not The Only One – by: Chris

The guys went wild when they found out that Luna lived right on the beach. Even Dave cracked a rare smile when it registered that we would be surfing tomorrow morning. I had forgotten how pretty the beach is at night and how peaceful Luna’s place looked from a distance. I knew once we gotContinue reading “You’re Not The Only One – by: Chris”

Luna’s Phone Call – by: Odette

Jake was in the bathroom when my phone rang. “Hi Luna. What’s up?” “Hi Honey, I’m know I was going to stay out late with Zoe but plans have changed.” “They have?” “Yes. Would you get the house picked up? We are going to have a little get together.” “Again?!” “Yes.” “God, Luna, can’t weContinue reading “Luna’s Phone Call – by: Odette”

Jake Shows Up – by: Odette

He threw his board down on the sand, his eyes blazing. I was a little taken back. He said, “How many boyfriends do you need, Odette?” ————————————————– I woke up as the sun was just peeking over the horizon and threw on my white bikini, some comfy gray sweatpants and a wooly hat. I couldContinue reading “Jake Shows Up – by: Odette”

Self Control – by: Chris

  “Last night I met a girl with huge green eyes and a crooked tooth that I couldn’t stop staring at. Dave noticed her first and asked me to play wing-man but he quickly lost interest when he met her friend.” —————————————————————————– My friends Jim and Linda are giving away their old cat and getting aContinue reading “Self Control – by: Chris”

After The Stadium – By: Chris

After the stadium I needed to go and calm down somewhere. It would be time to pick up Zoe soon. I didn’t want to see Odette, I didn’t really want to see anyone. I just needed to get my head together. I was even too angry to drive. I understood now what blind with rageContinue reading “After The Stadium – By: Chris”