Dear Odette – by: Chris

Ode to Odette, Remember that joker who kept offering up his verses to you at that dive bar in Santa Cruz? Remember that same night when we tried to sleep at the boardwalk and kept getting shooed away by that homeless bully? Remember when you made me swear to you that our story would neverContinue reading “Dear Odette – by: Chris”

“I’m Going To Brooklyn”

When I got home from my jog, Chris was back from band practice and making dinner. “Your mom is bringing Zoe home in half an hour” he said. I sat on a dining room chair and watched him in the kitchen. I couldn’t let this go on any longer. “Chris, I can’t do this.” “Can’tContinue reading ““I’m Going To Brooklyn””

All I Ever Wanted Was Odette – By Chris

Odette is screwing the kid down the street, Zoe has autism and I am getting gray-fuckin hairs. I do not actually know for sure that she is screwing him, but I know she wants to. We had not made love for months and then, one night, she suddenly leads me to the bedroom. I couldContinue reading “All I Ever Wanted Was Odette – By Chris”

Momentary Bliss – by: Odette

Monday Morning Distraction rustles in a breeze that takes my eyes from her golden leaves. Shattering and shivers under covers, dark like a ┬átent, Under salty droplets and shimmering beads. Papers rustle at my feet, a surprise and I brush them off the bed with my toes. They float down as though time doesn’t affectContinue reading “Momentary Bliss – by: Odette”

Drizzling Fireworks

I mostly just hung out with Zoe as the fireworks exploded all around our heads. She did well with the noise-cancelling headphones on and sat in my lap and played with my phone. Since the show was on campus there were a lot of students there and I found myself scanning the place for Jake.Continue reading “Drizzling Fireworks”