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my help is like dust on her sheets a breeze when she sleeps effort drips from hidden cracks above into 2 silver buckets that I carry and slosh around with hope I blow kisses that never land, and blink but stay foggy our love lightly dances around us through the days and the knowledge-induced haze… Continue reading Autism

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Stealing Yellow Sweaters – by: Odette

The best way to not think about Chris was just to get some work done. I sat cross-legged on my bed and opened up my laptop then clicked the link to have a look at the clothes and shoes I was supposed to describe. My phone rang. I looked at the number. It was Dave.… Continue reading Stealing Yellow Sweaters – by: Odette

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St. Augustine Beach Party – by: Odette

(warning....strong language at the end of this post) Chris was actually waiting right there for me in the hallway. I looked up at him, surprised that he was standing outside my bedroom door. I couldn't help but smile. He hadn't shaved in a few days and his hair was a little longer and scraggly-looking. But… Continue reading St. Augustine Beach Party – by: Odette

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In Odette’s Room

The sky was getting darker. I sat on my bed next to a sleeping Jake, hugged my knees to my chest, and watched the clouds turn pink and gold. He opened his eyes and looked at me, then sat up a little, resting his head on the absurdly-large collection of pillows on the bed. "I… Continue reading In Odette’s Room

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Jake Shows Up – by: Odette

He threw his board down on the sand, his eyes blazing. I was a little taken back. He said, "How many boyfriends do you need, Odette?"-------------------------------------------------- I woke up as the sun was just peeking over the horizon and threw on my white bikini, some comfy gray sweatpants and a wooly hat. I could hear… Continue reading Jake Shows Up – by: Odette

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Self Control – by: Chris

  "Last night I met a girl with huge green eyes and a crooked tooth that I couldn't stop staring at. Dave noticed her first and asked me to play wing-man but he quickly lost interest when he met her friend."----------------------------------------------------------------------------- My friends Jim and Linda are giving away their old cat and getting a new… Continue reading Self Control – by: Chris

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(Jake’s) Song For The Weekend – Elliott Smith, Waltz #2

Lyrics: First the mic, then a half cigarette Singing "Cathy's Clown" That's the man that she's married to now That's the girl that he takes around town She appears composed, so she is, I suppose Who can really tell? She shows no emotion at all Stares into space like a dead china doll I'm never… Continue reading (Jake’s) Song For The Weekend – Elliott Smith, Waltz #2