Logistics at Lunch – by Chris

Ever since I was a little kid, my left leg would shake whenever I was nervous about something. Today, the tremors are back and I inhale deeply and walk through our kitchen door. As predicted, Odette is gazing out the window, sipping tea. I ask her if we could talk and she looks so sadContinue reading “Logistics at Lunch – by Chris”

Band Practice After The Cabin – by Dave

I plugged in my guitar as I watched Chris fiddling around with the mic. He seemed like he was OK today but I knew he couldn’t be. His face was badly bruised under his eye but he had a clean t-shirt on, wet hair from a shower and he was busy getting his gear setContinue reading “Band Practice After The Cabin – by Dave”

Surfing In Florida – by: Jake

This weekend I took (my dog) Milo and met some guys out at Sebastian Inlet to go surfing. We got there at sunrise, prime feeding time for sharks so I wouldn’t let Milo in the water…which was pretty difficult since he is a surf lab. I had to keep him company on the sand. SoContinue reading “Surfing In Florida – by: Jake”

After The Stadium – By: Chris

After the stadium I needed to go and calm down somewhere. It would be time to pick up Zoe soon. I didn’t want to see Odette, I didn’t really want to see anyone. I just needed to get my head together. I was even too angry to drive. I understood now what blind with rageContinue reading “After The Stadium – By: Chris”