I Need This

I'm crying a lot recently, but about Jake, not Meliah. I prefer crying over deserved, ridiculous, unfounded heartache caused by Jake than the utter despair of loosing my older sister. Jake is my distraction and my drug for curing my grief. I can't let him go just yet. I need this.

Tonight – by Astrid

  It’s 9 o’clock at night, Jonathan is in Boston for “business” and I feel energetic. I wish Odette were here. I wish I could tell her about Adam and the park. She must remember him. We used to call him “sweater guy” in college until I got to know him better than everyone else. … Continue reading Tonight – by Astrid

Drizzling Fireworks

I mostly just hung out with Zoe as the fireworks exploded all around our heads. She did well with the noise-cancelling headphones on and sat in my lap and played with my phone. Since the show was on campus there were a lot of students there and I found myself scanning the place for Jake. … Continue reading Drizzling Fireworks

What’s Done is Done

I waited as she had her conversation with the plumber. It lasted for a long time. I breathed through it and held it together and held it together as I felt anger starting to burn while I waited and gasped. "OK, what's up?" she said. "Meliah was killed in a car accident." "What?" I found … Continue reading What’s Done is Done

It is So Sad I Can Barely Write This

I was driving Zoe to a doctors appt on campus. It was 3:00 in the afternoon and I was in a bad mood. I was sad because... I didn't even know why. It was a useless, sadness-for-no-reason feeling which was erased from my life after what happened next.  I thought about calling Meliah to talk … Continue reading It is So Sad I Can Barely Write This

A Temporary Dream Come True – by: Odette

It is Saturday morning, about 5am.  I couldn't sleep...so I'll write. Then maybe I'll be able to sleep. I had a really good reason for cheating on my husband 2 days ago, beginning with getting hit on the head with a stick by the guy I cheated with.  The college student was actually playing catch … Continue reading A Temporary Dream Come True – by: Odette