Getting My Husband Back

"Do you still like me?" I asked Chris. "Do we have to do this?" he said. I pretended I didn't hear that and moved on. "Because I still like you." I said. "And I miss you." He turned his head from his online soccer video game and looked at me. I think the other team … Continue reading Getting My Husband Back


This is what Jake's alarm clock looks like:  So I went in Jake's house with him and one thing lead to another. I wrote a detailed post about it here for tomorrow.  It is a little too racy to just publish so it is password protected. The password is, mistake. To come clean and tell … Continue reading Reeling

The Beginning of The Jake Mistake

Jake was out there on his hammock and I rode right past him and waved then went down some back little street where the University professors live. The "fairytale house" is my favorite. I thought about how nice it would be if Chris and I could eventually buy an amazing house like this one. But … Continue reading The Beginning of The Jake Mistake

Drizzling Fireworks

I mostly just hung out with Zoe as the fireworks exploded all around our heads. She did well with the noise-cancelling headphones on and sat in my lap and played with my phone. Since the show was on campus there were a lot of students there and I found myself scanning the place for Jake. … Continue reading Drizzling Fireworks

On Display – Happy 4th

I think I have been over-reacting about the Autism thing. Zoe probably is fine.  I made her a dr. appt anyway though...just incase. Her Summer Camp/ Montessori School Teacher, Miss Jada told me yesterday that I should get Zoe "evaluated". That was a great conversation. I cried. But now I am feeling better today. We … Continue reading On Display – Happy 4th


I went for a run tonight. Lizards scattered as I ran past a sprinkler-puddle. I guess they were thirsty. I took some pictures of the cute houses around my neighborhood. None of these are Jake's house. If he saw me snapping a pic of his house he might think I'm a stalker. I thought maybe … Continue reading Run

Hello Weekend

This weekend I am going to talk to a girl in town who has a little boy with autism. I just want to ask her some questions and find out which doctor she takes him to. The online autism sites I have been devouring all say, "early intervention is key in recovery,"  over and over … Continue reading Hello Weekend

Dog Tricks

OK, after I wrote that post yesterday evening, something crazy happened. My cat was mewing to come in the back door but when I let her in she went shooting through my legs like she'd seen a ghost...more like the Hound of the Baskervilles. When I looked out to see what was bothering her I … Continue reading Dog Tricks


He was out there again this morning. I just drove by him. I'm too nervous to even look at him again, never mind stop the car and talk to him.  Talk about a relationship regressing. Speaking of regressing, something kind of weird...Zoe hasn't called me mama for a while. It has probably been about 2 … Continue reading Regressing

Like Jewels That You Can Eat

When I was a blonde, pigtailed, obnoxious but polite dancer-child, my activist Grandma had a tube of Smarties (from the England aisle at the grocery store) in her purse. They are like MnM's, like colorful, chocolate jewels that melt on your tongue. There was only one left and Meliah wanted it. My Grandma said, "Well, … Continue reading Like Jewels That You Can Eat