Boy In The Hammock

Jake was in his hammock in his front yard again this morning. When I came back from dropping Zoe off at camp I just waved at him as I drove by. I know he wanted me to stop because he started to get up when he saw my van but then just watched me drive … Continue reading Boy In The Hammock


He was out there again this morning. I just drove by him. I'm too nervous to even look at him again, never mind stop the car and talk to him.  Talk about a relationship regressing. Speaking of regressing, something kind of weird...Zoe hasn't called me mama for a while. It has probably been about 2 … Continue reading Regressing

Dog Tricks

OK, after I wrote that post yesterday evening, something crazy happened. My cat was mewing to come in the back door but when I let her in she went shooting through my legs like she'd seen a ghost...more like the Hound of the Baskervilles. When I looked out to see what was bothering her I … Continue reading Dog Tricks

Hello Weekend

This weekend I am going to talk to a girl in town who has a little boy with autism. I just want to ask her some questions and find out which doctor she takes him to. The online autism sites I have been devouring all say, "early intervention is key in recovery,"  over and over … Continue reading Hello Weekend

Here Is The Short Excerpt From The Story That I Promised You…

OK, here it is...Jake and I are standing under the street lamp with Milo. Chris is inside the house playing video games. How are you doing? I’ve been thinking about you a lot.” he said.He’d been thinking about me a lot. “Oh, I’m fine. My head bump was no big deal. It is pretty much … Continue reading Here Is The Short Excerpt From The Story That I Promised You…


I went for a run tonight. Lizards scattered as I ran past a sprinkler-puddle. I guess they were thirsty. I took some pictures of the cute houses around my neighborhood. None of these are Jake's house. If he saw me snapping a pic of his house he might think I'm a stalker. I thought maybe … Continue reading Run