The Sunny Side of the Street

Amazing looks like a famous singer (shhhh) is going to cover Chris's hit song from the good ol' days when his band was super popular. The gears are in motion...his band is already talking about getting back together for some reunion shows around San Fran and Marin. We pretty much will always live off … Continue reading The Sunny Side of the Street

Bad Morning

"Did you read about Kristen Stewart and that director?" I said as we headed to the kitchen. "Who is Kristen Steward?" he said. "Oh come on, Twilight?" "Is she that vampire actress? One of the many?" "Did you read about how she cheated on her boyfriend with a married director?" "I don't keep up with … Continue reading Bad Morning

GFCF? Jake Will Know

I got the diagnosis on the phone earlier that day, high functoning autism, and I had been on the computer ever since. Autism, therapy, spectrum, reversable, irreversable, life long, curable, no cure, caused by shots, nothing to do with was dizzying. I read about how a stomach is a second brain and eating the … Continue reading GFCF? Jake Will Know

“The Smartest Kids Get Autism”

Zoe’s autism evaluation was today. She  had a great time. She was shown lots of flip books with pictures in them that she had to identify. She did really well on all her little tests and even did her “more” sign when they were blowing bubbles outside. But the “problem” was that when the doctors … Continue reading “The Smartest Kids Get Autism”

Drizzling Fireworks

I mostly just hung out with Zoe as the fireworks exploded all around our heads. She did well with the noise-cancelling headphones on and sat in my lap and played with my phone. Since the show was on campus there were a lot of students there and I found myself scanning the place for Jake. … Continue reading Drizzling Fireworks

On Display – Happy 4th

I think I have been over-reacting about the Autism thing. Zoe probably is fine.  I made her a dr. appt anyway though...just incase. Her Summer Camp/ Montessori School Teacher, Miss Jada told me yesterday that I should get Zoe "evaluated". That was a great conversation. I cried. But now I am feeling better today. We … Continue reading On Display – Happy 4th